Join us sundays at 10am 

As we seek to become a praying church that recognizes that we are powerless against the enemy and forces of the spiritual world, we are embarking on 48 hours of prayer. The prayer time will be divided into 30-minute intervals to be selected by individuals and families. 

This brief intensive has 3 main goals:

1. To learn to pray - just like any other skill you want to master, it requires daily practice and repetition. In Matthew 6, we see Jesus give a model of prayer to his disciples. In the same way, we want to posture ourselves to learn how to pray by practicing several different rhythms of prayer.

2. To draw us near to God - Simply put, we want to be WITH God. Over the course of this 48- hour window we are seeking the face of God and desiring to be in relationship with Him as we share and listen.

3. To see change happen in our city/world - As we all come together humbly before the Lord, we recognize that change happens through prayer. In 2 Chronicles 7:14 it says, “if my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.” We want to seek the Lord to bring healing to the brokenness of our world.

For this prayer intensive we will be praying through Scripture using Psalm 66. 

REJOICE - Thank God for His character and blessings.

Take 5 minutes to read and meditate on Psalm 66:1-7.

Take 5 minutes to thank God for all that He has done.

REPENT - Repent of our sins.

Take 5 minutes to read and meditate on Psalm 66:8-15.

Take 5 minutes to ask God to reveal areas where our feet have slipped and we have walked in unfaithfulness. In light of the good news of the gospel, we can be thankful for how He is preserving and bringing us to a place of abundance.

REQUEST - Request new mercies and help.

Take 5 minutes to read and meditate on Psalm 66:16-20.

Take 5 minutes to make your requests known to God while being confident that He listens and will not reject you.

Please take the card provided to you to write down one thing God revealed through prayer!

We will be completing our 48-hours of prayer at 10am on Sunday, June 26th. We invite you to join us in the auditorium at 9:30am as we pray to God together!